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Monarch butterfly sanctuaries and Angangueo
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Untiring traveller of the skies of North America, the monarch butterfly crosses more than 4000 kilometers from Canada to the center of Mexico in a passage without comparison in the animal kingdom.

Is indeed in this region of the country, specially in the bordering zones between the states of Mexico and Michoacan, where this species finds the ideal place to hibernate and to make its mating in the middle of the coniferous forests of the zone, in a natural spectacle that attracts in each one of its sanctuaries several millions of these butterflies, that upholster green perpetual of pines and the firs with a layer of oranges wings that flutter incessantly by all the forest, in a natural experience that attracts every year hundreds of visitors between the months of October and March when it is possible to observe these creatures.

The main sanctuaries of the monarch butterfly in the zone are the one of Chinjua Mountain range and the one of El Rosario. In both we can made strolls on foot and horse trough the forests, always respecting the indications and norms that have been created by the environmental authorities for not to interfere with the reproduction of the species. Also these sanctuaries have local guides authorized that can be helpful when making these routes. In the middle of both sanctuaries is the village of Angangueo, an old mining villa that enjoyed a great economic peak at the end of XIXth century, by means of the operation of the rich mines of silver that existed in the zone. With the passage of time, these mines were left, being the town congealed in the time, preserving interesting examples of popular and religious architecture, like the cathedral of neogothic style, their central park and some houses with beautiful rustic details whose tile roofs are covered occasionally with snow in winter. These sanctuaries and the population of Angangueo are located at the east of the state of  Michoacán and is easily accessible taking the highway Toluca - Zitácuaro, making a route of approximately 2 hours from Mexico City. When visiting these places it is recomended to wear comfortable and warm clothes.  Mexico, D.F. 2008. All rights reserved.