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Estacion Indianilla Culture Centre
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Address: Claudio Bernard 111 (casi esq. Niños Héroes)
Telephone: (55) 5761 9058  
Neighborhood: Colonia Doctores
Metro: Niños Heroes
Opened: Monday to Friday from 11 hrs to 21:00 hrs. Free entrance.

In an old building, which like a phoenix resurged from history’s grip, the Estacion Indianilla Cultural Centre opens its doors as a space of alternative cultural vanguard, in a superbly located area full of tradition, the Doctores district.

The Estacion Indianilla Cultural Centre opened its doors in December 2006 making the most of a place that the passing years had left in ruin, the Indianilla Station; an old workshop in which street railways that had fallen into disuse were repaired, it was like a large warehouse in the middle of the city. Through the restoration project that took place, the station now shows us its metallic skeleton, its walls, the machinery beautifully intertwined with the walls without touching them; it’s a new space where the strength of tradition and the dynamic spirit of contemporary art are strongly present.

Making the most of this magnificent space, two large galleries were designed which can simultaneously house art exhibitions as well as video samples using as projection screens the large walls of the warehouse. One of the Centre’s main objectives is to stimulate the expression of young people participating in the field of visual arts, more specifically in video.

In the Cultural Centre’s basement, among passages that resemble a labyrinth game bathed in multicoloured lights, one can find the Frida Museum of Toy-Art-Object with artistic pieces by artists like Alberto Castro Leñero, Angel Fermin Vizuet, Francisco Toledo, Gustavo Pérez, Irma Palacios, Jazz Moart and Joe Laville, among others. On the same floor there’s also a room for multimedia projections as well as a professional engraving workshop which offers courses on this artistic discipline and in which several pieces are made which can be purchased in the museum.

On a covered platform from which one can still see the video projections on the floor below, there is a pleasant restaurant- bar and bookshop, which together with the rest of the building promises to become one of the most important artistic spaces in the city in the next couple of years, and serve as a starting point for the reevaluation of the Doctores district, an area with great urban potential whose reactivation has been triggered by this project.  Mexico, D.F. 2008. All rights reserved.