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Ermita Building
Attractions of Mexico City

Address: Jalisco Avenue on the corner with Benjamín Franklin
Tacubaya, near Colonia Condesa and San Miguel Chapultepec
Metrobus: Tacubaya

















Presiding over an important crossroads, the Ermita Building, and its particular architecture, has become one of the most emblematic constructions in the city and one of its most famous corners.

Located on the crossroads of Jalisco and Revolución avenues, this part of the city seems to have been destined from the start to include some of the most important urban icons. Already during the 19th Century, the estate, which belonged to the wealthy Mier y Celis family, boasted a peculiar access on its northern faҫade (where the Ermita building stands today) reminiscent of the Arch of Constantine in Rome, which marked the entrance to the neighbourhood of Tacubaya. When the owners of the estate passed away, the 'Mier y Pesado Foundation' was established, which carries out charitable works as requested by the family. The estate, several blocks in size, was divided up into smaller plots. Then, architect Juan Segura was entrusted with the design and construction of two buildings, with the idea that the rent fees would finance the Foundation. The Ermita and Isabel buildings, both gems of Mexican architecture from the 1920's, are still, after more than eighty years, bringing in money for the charitable foundation.

Since its conception, the Ermita Building has been a very innovative project, made to contain the multiple functions of a modern urban life: a few shops on the ground floor, a cinema (the first in Mexico with a sound system) and on the upper levels, appartments of different sizes and distributions which adapt to different types of tenants and families. It's a porous building so it has an open relationship with the exterior. Inside, the appartments and other facilities revolve around a patio, an open space which pierces right to the top of the building; the probable predecessor of the american atriums as well as a pleasant meeting place for the neighbours.

Far from following the architectural stereotypes of the time, the Ermita established a language that reclaimed innovative ideas from other parts of the world but expressed them with a character of its own, detailed by the architect's personal touch, who also showed great commitment to the client and to the way the building would fit into the city and give it life.

Currently, the appartments are still being rented out and the cinema was turned into the 'Hipodromo Condesa Theatre'. The building and its surrounding area have undergone a few modifications over the years, for example, during the construction work done on Line 2 of the Metrobus, the sidewalk on Jalisco Avenue was extended, creating an esplanade arround the building and making an urban regeneration in the area a future possibility. 

If you're interested in renting out an appartment in the Ermita, here's the contact information:

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